August 1999 Bulletin

What's new on AAOS home page

Need help using your AAOS CD-ROM? The AAOS web site now contains general technical support information in its "Educational Resources Catalog" section. The section includes answers to some of the most common questions that the Academy's electronic media and evaluation department receives about the CD-ROM series. The technical information available in the document includes step-by-step instructions on installation.

Sample pages of the newly-published "Orthopaedic Practice in the U.S. 1998/ 99" also are new to the web site. They are available in the "Research" section.

"Orthopaedic Practice in the U.S." is a comprehensive collection of data on orthopaedic workforce and practice. The sample pages included on the AAOS web site contain information about density of orthopaedic surgeons by state, practice setting and type of practice. The textbook can be purchased online in the "Educational Resources Catalog" section of the Academy home page

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