December 2000 Bulletin

AAOS, 1,100 Indian orthopaedists have successful dialogue

Response to the AAOS’s first educational course on the Indian subcontinent was "overwhelming," according to David Seligson, MD, faculty chairman and member of the AAOS International Committee. More than 1,100 Indian orthopaedists participated in the three-day course in Jaipur, India, which took place Oct. 30 through Nov.1, immediately preceding the 45th Annual Meeting of the Indian Orthopaedic Association (IOA).

The instructional course included five sets of lectures covering pediatrics, spine, trauma, section and total joint, with a combined American and Indian faculty. The five American faculty members included Dr. Seligson; R. Dale Blasier, MD; Courtland Lewis, MD; William Kane, MD; and Dilip Pal, MD.

The course had been in the planning stages for the past two years. Dr. Seligson met last year with Dr. N.S. Laud, then president of the IOA, and they agreed that they wanted the course to be "a dialogue, an exchange of ideas, rather than us teaching them," Dr. Seligson says.

The results were impressive. "We probably learned more from them than they learned from us," Dr, Seligson noted. "They taught us about what they face in India, the disease conditions and they showed films of things we just don’t encounter anymore. Indian orthopaedists, who’d written books and are famous in their own right, really taught us a great deal. The faculty thought it was a tremendous experience."

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