December 2000 Bulletin

BONES survey finds 26% orthopaedists collect outcomes

About one-in-four orthopaedic practices (26.6 percent) collect outcome data, says the BONES Society.

In general, the larger the practice size, the more likely the practice is to collect outcome data, according to a survey of 630 members of the national organization of orthopaedic administrators. Nearly 40 percent (38.9 percent) of practices with 10 or more orthopaedic surgeons collect outcomes data. Less than 30 percent of practice with less than 10 orthopaedic surgeons collect outcomes data.

Among orthopaedic practices of all sizes, those in the Mountain census region are more likely to collect the data–37.7 percent, followed by 31 percent in the East North Central and West North Central regions.


Almost 60 percent of practices bill their claims, including Medicare, electronically. Nearly three out of four (71.2 percent) practices bill 50 percent or more of their claims electronically.

To obtain a copy of the survey, contact the BONES Society at (800) 247-9699 or e-mail BONES

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