December 2001 Bulletin


In the News

81% orthopaedists report delays in reimbursements

Timely collections need go get'em strategy

When staff is called to active military duty

International support pours in after terror attacks

Practices adhere to ADA law

ADA information

NIAMS tells new opportunities for research

Steady flow of referrals doesn't come easy

All muni bonds not the same

Doctors top list of prestigious professions

California HMO patients give high marks to doctors

Washington Report: U.S. settles boycott suit

Washington Report: HHS releases $50 million for patient safety

States news: In Brief

Bone and Joint Decade

Coding corner: New, revised, deleted codes set for 2002

Computer Link: Act today to prevent disaster tomorrow

Use PowerPoint at Annual Meeting

Communicate: Here's office visit tips to help patients

Communications build trust

Legal Issues: Kickback case is strong reminder to doctors

More information on anti-kickback statute

When it's time to relocate

Across the President's Desk: Understanding the dilemma created by industry's support of orthopaedic surgeons

Council on Academic Affairs holds first meeting

Clinicians, scientists probe wear problems

Point of View: Sept. 11 terrorism slows HVO volunteerism

HVO improving quality of care in developing nations

Complementary and alternative medicine

It's time to round up your plans for Dallas

Business skills courses at Annual Meeting

Register online for Annual Meeting

Media, consumers get the 'scoop' on orthopaedics

Orthopaedics Update

eMotion Exhibit makes Chicago stop on national tour

In Memoriam

Surgical training gets "virtual"

Continuing medical education

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