December 2001 Bulletin

Doctors top list of prestigious professions

A nationwide survery of more than 1,000 adults found they believe doctors have the most prestige among 17 occupations or professions. According to a Harris poll, 61 percent of respondents said doctors have "very great prestige."

Teachers were second with 54 percent of respondents rating the occupation as having very great prestige; scientists, 53 percent; clergy, 43 percent; and military officers, 40 percent.

The doctors’ rating in 2001 was the same as in 1977. The teachers’ rating increased from 29 percent in 1977 and the military officers’ rating moved up from 22 percent. The legal profession’s rating dropped from 36 percent in 1977 to 18 percent in 2001. Business people rated only 12 percent in 2001. Others with low ratings in 2001 were accountants, 15 percent; bankers, 16 percent; and labor union leaders, 17 percent.

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