December 2002 Bulletin

Academy PSA campaign honored with FREDDIE Award

The Academy’s 2002 Public Service Announcement campaign, "Sedentary; Get Up, Get Out, Get Moving" was the winner of a FREDDIE Award in the Public Service Announcement category of the 2002 International Health and Medical Media Awards competition.

Celebrating the Academy's 2002 FREDDIE award at ceremonies held in New York were (L to R) Chuck Husak of the Academy's advertising agency August, Lang & Husak; Lawrence E. Rosenthal, PhD, AAOS associate executive vice president; Nancy Bernstein of August, Lang & Husak; Sandy Gordon; Stuart Hirsch, MD and Edward A. Toriello, MD, AAOS Treasurer-elect.

The award was presented in ceremonies held in New York on November 8. Sandra Gordon, director, AAOS department of public education and media relations and Stuart Hirsch, MD, chairman, council on communications, accepted the award on behalf of the Academy.

The FREDDIE Award is given for excellence in a production’s message and creativity. It honors the finest in health and medical productions from around the globe that are making a profoundly positive impact on the overall improvement of the human condition. The message must be an audiovisual that addresses health or medical issues for both consumers and health care professionals.

The "Sedentary" campaign features a child avoiding physical activity by using modern conveniences to do everyday tasks. Though portrayed in a humorous manner, the campaign’s serious message is that many children are not getting the recommended daily exercise they need.

This is the third year the Academy has produced a public service campaign, comprised of television, radio and print ads on injury prevention and orthopaedic conditions.

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