December 2002 Bulletin

Patient education CD-ROM debuts

CD-ROM brings high quality patient education resources to your fingertips

By Carolyn Rogers

A new, comprehensive patient education CD-ROM offers orthopaedic surgeons an effective and convenient way to educate their patients on a full range of orthopaedic conditions–more than 400 topics in all. Clearly written and easy-to-understand, "Musculoskeletal Care–Patient Education Collection" features printable, fully-illustrated fact sheets, each containing definitions and descriptions, signs and symptoms, treatment options, prevention advice, links to inline resources and more.

The vast amount of information contained on the CD-ROM has been concisely and intuitively organized for easy navigation. The education pieces can be shared with patients either on screen at a computer terminal or in printed form.

The CD-ROM’s content is derived from the AAOS patient education Web site, "Your Orthopaedic Connection" ( This means all the information has been reviewed by leading orthopaedic surgeons, so physicians and patients can feel confident the content is up-to-date and medically accurate.

The collection offers complete anatomical coverage and many other topics important to patients, including:

In addition, three patient education videos are included that address some of the most commonly seen musculoskeletal concerns in primary care:

Personalize it!

For a personal touch, printouts from the CD-ROM can be customized with individual practice information displayed across the top of the page. Special instructions for individual patients can be added to the education pieces as well–all at the touch of a button. Patients will walk away with easy-to-understand, comprehensive information about their condition and treatment, a personal note from their doctor and the confidence that they are receiving the best possible care.

"En Espanol"

To assist orthopaedic surgeons in communicating with their Spanish-speaking patients, an entire section of musculoskeletal topics is offered in Spanish language versions as well–all integrated on the same CD.

Order now

The "Musculoskeletal Care–Patient Education Collection" CD-ROM–including the three patient education videos–is priced at $69 for AAOS members and $89 for nonmembers. The institutional price of $199 includes a license to broadcast video segments on closed circuit television.

To order, contact AAOS customer service at (800) 626-6726 or visit the AAOS Web site ( and select "Orthopaedic Resource Catalog" to order online.

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