December 2002 Bulletin

Special Exhibit Hall Activities

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons invites you to visit the technical exhibits as a part of your educational experience at the Annual Meeting. More than 400 companies specializing in implants, prostheses, surgical equipment and instruments, pharmaceuticals as well as numerous other products and services related to the specialty of orthopaedics will be featured in Halls E, F, G, H, and I, at the Morial Convention Center.

The 2003 Annual Meeting will give you an excellent opportunity to explore the orthopaedic marketplace. For your convenience, we have prepared this Guide to the 2003 Annual Meeting Exhibits so that you can plan your visit to the Technical Exhibit Hall. Exhibiting companies are listed alphabetically on the pages following along with their booth numbers.

The exhibit halls will be open Wednesday, February 5 through Friday, February 7 from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily. The halls will not be open on Saturday or Sunday. Visit the Annual Meeting section of AAOS Web site at to view the listing of companies and/products that will be on display in New Orleans.

The products displayed in the technical exhibits area and the uses suggested by the manufacturer do not represent an endorsement nor imply that the products have been evaluated or approved by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

AAOS Redemption Centers

All medical attendees will receive coupons for events that will take place exclusively in the exhibit hall. A complimentary tote bag and a CD-ROM of the Proceedings Book will be distributed, as well as coupons collected for drawings on Thursday and Friday for airline tickets, PDAs, and digital cameras. These items will be distributed and tickets collected from Redemption Centers located in the back of Aisles 1200, 2000, and 3800.

Food Stations

For your convenience, food and beverage concessions will be available in Halls E, H, and I1. Refer to the floor plan for their locations.

Lead Retrieval Data

All medical attendee badges will include a bar code that is encoded with the attendee’s name and address. Present your badge to those exhibitors that you wish to request information about their products and services.

New Exhibitors

Over 40 exhibitors that are exhibiting with the Academy for the first time are located in Aisles 2900 and 3000 in Hall H.

Practice Productive Exhibits

Exhibitors specializing in practice productivity products or services are located in Hall I1, Aisles 4100–4600.

Publisher’s Row

Publishers are located in Aisles 2000 and 2100 in Hall G.

Technology Pavilion

Presentations that showcase current technology products and applications developed for the healthcare professional will take place in the Technology Pavilion, Booth 4415. In addition to 18 30-minute educational presentations, the pavilion will include beaming stations to load annual meeting and other valuable information on handheld computers (PDAs).

Be sure to stop by the "Ask the Experts" booth for one-on-one meetings with Academy members and/or technology consultants who can assist you with navigating the technology highway.

Make the Exhibits Work for You

A world of informative exhibits awaits you at the AAOS 2003 Annual Meeting in New Orleans. Following are some tips to assist you in getting the most out of the time you spend visiting the technical exhibits:

  1. Determine the Exhibits You Wish to Visit
    Review the alpha listing of exhibitors including within this issues of the Bulletin, or visit our Annual Meeting web page at where you can search our exhibitors by name or product/service area. At the meeting, use the Final Program to review the listing of exhibitors and their products. Our daily on-site annual meeting newspaper will also include an exhibitor listing and floor plan.
  2. Locate the Exhibits on the Floor Plan
    Save time by planning out what exhibits you need to visit before you arrive at the meeting. Highlight those booths on your floor plan to insure that you don’t miss an opportunity to view and discuss products or services with the exhibitors.
  3. Use Your Badge
    When visiting the exhibits, present your badge to those exhibitors that you wish to have their literature sent to you after the meeting. Attendee badges include a bar code that contained your mailing information. The time you save by not needing to fill out your name and address will provide you with more time for face-to-face discussions with the exhibitors you need to visit.
  4. Enjoy the Exhibits!
    As you walk to the booth you’ve targeted, be alert to other vendors along the way that you won’t want to miss. The exhibitors are at the meeting to assist you. Many physicians find this to be the perfect opportunity to expand their education by learning about new products, services and job opportunities. Let the exhibitors know you personal and practice needs. Review their literature, ask them questions and tell them thanks for being at the meeting.

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