December 2003 Bulletin


2003 SECOT meeting beneficial for AAOS

By Carolyn Rogers
The Academy’s ties with the Spanish Society of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (SECOT) continue to grow. Following a successful meeting in Barcelona in 2002, the Academy returned as an exhibitor to the Society’s 2003 Congress, which was held in Tenerife, Spain, an island off the coast of Africa.

Participation in the SECOT Congress, which attracted 1,800 attendees and 58 exhibitors this year, not only allows the Academy to promote its popular Spanish-language products, international membership and the Annual Meeting, it also gives the AAOS an opportunity to meet with Spanish Society representatives and move along a number of exciting AAOS/SECOT joint projects.

“We’re really building momentum,” says Marisa McCarren, manager of international rights and educational programs for the Academy. “The Academy is now preparing to host its first educational program at the 2004 Congress in Madrid.”

2004 AAOS-SECOT Course

The Oct. 6, 2004, course on wrist fractures will be presented jointly by SECOT and the Academy, and will be chaired by William P. Cooney, III, MD. Topics will include: fractures of the distal radius—modern treatment options; wrist instability; and wrist fractures and distal radial ulnar joint injuries.

“We’re very excited about the course,” McCarren says. “The society publicized the joint program in this year’s Congress newspaper, so we’re hoping it will be well attended and the first of many to come.”

First AAOS-SECOT monograph

In Tenerife, the Academy and SECOT unveiled Pathology of the Rotator Cuff, the first of three in a Spanish-language Monograph Series published by one of the Academy’s rights partners, Editorial Medica Panamericana.
Louis U. Bigliani, MD, is the AAOS editor of the first monograph, which contains six articles—three contributed by AAOS fellows, and three by SECOT members.

The AAOS had a limited supply of the brand-new monograph on site, and “it sold out on the first day,” McCarren reports.
“An excellent exchange”

AAOS President James H. Herndon, MD, was in Tenerife for the Congress and was present for the unveiling of the first AAOS-SECOT monograph. Dr. Herndon’s primary purpose in attending the Congress, however, was to participate in a symposium on the pharmacological and surgical advances in chondral pathology, where he discussed the application of growth factors on lesions and repair of articular cartilage.

The well-attended symposium offered “an excellent opportunity for pharmaceutical companies and others interested in cartilage to collaborate,” he says. “I thought the exchange was excellent.”

An interpreter simultaneously translated the program for Dr. Herndon, and also provided a simultaneous translation of Dr. Herndon’s presentation for the audience.

“We were both wearing headphones—it was just like the United Nations,” he joked.

Shown at the SECOT 2003 scholarship presentation ceremony in Tenerife, Spain, are (from left) Cesar G. Garcia-Fontecha, MD; Marisa McCarren, of the AAOS international department; Leonardo Santarelli, commercial director of MSD; and Santiago Suso-Vergara, MD, president of the SECOT Education Committee.

(from left) AAOS President Jame H. Herndon, MD; Mrs. Herdon; Marissa McCarren, AAOS international department; Harry Friend Sicilia, MD, president of SECOT's 40th Congress (back partially to camera); and Guillermo Torres, technical secretary, SECOT Congress discuss developments at the Congress.

AAOS products held in high regard

The newly released monograph is just the latest AAOS Spanish-language publication to be snapped up by Spanish orthopaedists. All of the Academy’s Spanish-language products, such as Orthopaedic Knowledge Update, Monograph Series and JAAOS, are popular among Spanish orthopaedic surgeons.

“Doctors would stop by to look at our books and say things like, ‘I have this one,’ or ‘Oh, I need this one,’” McCarren says. “It really confirms the success of our products in Spanish.”

Several doctors told her that the educational materials produced by the Academy are of such a high quality that they refer to them all the time. Other SECOT members stopped by the booth to thank the Academy for being there. “That makes your day,” she says.

SECOT OLC scholarships

Another AAOS/SECOT collaborative project, the SECOT scholarship program, is now in its second year. The program awards SECOT member surgeons with scholarships to attend an AAOS Orthopaedic Learning Center hands-on training course in the United States. The scholarships are funded through pharmaceutical companies and private foundations in Spain.
“The Society awarded two scholarships this year,” McCarren said. “And they received many more applications this year than in 2002.”

The Academy has developed a very close relationship with the Spanish Society’s board of directors. “We work with them very closely,” she says. “They do a wonderful job of promoting our products, reinforcing the service the Academy provides.”

And now, “we’re reciprocating,” she says. “We were able to offer SECOT space to exhibit at the March 2004 Annual Meeting in San Francisco. They’re very excited about the opportunity.”

In addition to meeting with the SECOT board, McCarren also met with the Spanish Arthroscopy Association. “They’re exploring the possibility of hosting a course at the Academy’s Orthopaedic Learning Center.”

The meeting also netted 13 new international members for the Academy, “which is good for such a small meeting,” McCarren says.

“The bottom line,” according to Dr. Herndon, is that “Spanish surgeons are very interested in working with the Academy, they’re interested in having our products translated into Spanish, and they’re pleased to have the AAOS involved in their programs.”

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