December 2003 Bulletin

Academy casts light on 'broken' system

Orthopaedic surgeons sign a nine-foot cast in support of medical liability reform
at the November 15-16 State Societies Strategy Meeting.

The Nov. 15, 2003, unveiling of a nine-foot cast officially kicked off the AAOS public education campaign on medical liability reform. Symbolizing the need for a solution to the "broken" health-care system, the cast was introduced at the State Societies Strategy Meeting, where it was signed by the first of what the AAOS hopes will be thousands of orthopaedic surgeons and other concerned individuals.

The cast currently brightens the lobby of the Academy's Rosemont, Ill., headquarters, and will move on to San Francisco in March 2004 for a stay at the AAOS Annual Meeting. The cast also will be featured at the National Leadership Conference this spring in Washington, D.C., where the Academy plans to hold a media event to bring national awareness to the medical liability crisis.

Orthopaedic surgeons and others concerned about the medical liability crisis are encouraged to show their support for reform by signing the cast when they see it.

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