AAOS Bulletin - December, 2005

How the CAP volunteer database works

By Richard F. Kyle, MD

As chair of the 2005 Committee on Committees, I have focused efforts on the Committee Appointment Program (CAP) volunteer system. The CAP volunteer database is an up-to-date computer-based system that allows all members equal access to all AAOS activities. The CAP acronym signifies: “Which cap would you like to wear in the AAOS?” The CAP logo is easily recognizable.

I’ve sent messages to the membership and all organizations throughout the AAOS. Because the Committee on Committees considers volunteers for positions within the committee structure, I invited James Ogle, director of the AAOS information services department, to demonstrate the CAP system at our September meeting.

Committee members offered valuable input on different ways to use the system to ensure that all volunteers have an opportunity to serve, whether it be through committee service or participation in focus and research groups.

The Committee on Committees is committed to finding alternatives for volunteers to serve and will continue to focus on this in the future.

All council and committee openings are posted on the AAOS Web site and can be accessed from the link on the home page or by entering the URL www.aaos.org/cap. The system is password protected, so you will need your AAOS member number or password to access it. The first item enables you to view all current AAOS committee and council openings. You can select any opening to see the details and submit an application if you wish.

Each listing includes a detailed set of expectations: qualifications, time commitment and application deadline. Interested volunteers provide information relative to the requirements for the position. References from two AAOS fellows are required, and any experience in similar organizations should be included when completing an application.

Applicants who are selected are notified electronically by the committee or council chair. However, there are inevitably more applicants than openings. Those who are not accepted are notified electronically and receive a personally signed thank-you letter from me asking them to watch for postings of other positions of interest. All applications are kept on file and council/committee chairs have access to them, so when there are openings on committees of interest, previous applicants will be notified and encouraged to re-apply.

We have also asked leaders of the orthopaedic specialty organizations to encourage their members to watch for vacancies on councils/committees of interest. Specialty society members can add a specific competency-based expertise in many areas of the AAOS and are most welcome to apply for open positions.

The AAOS is one of the strongest and most vibrant volunteer medical organizations in the nation. The strength of our organization is based on the spirit of volunteerism among our members. Please use the CAP system and take an active part in the future of the AAOS.

Richard F. Kyle, MD, is AAOS first vice president and chairman of the Committee on Committees. He can be reached at richard.kyle@co.hennepin.mn.us

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