December 1998 Bulletin

Symposia, instructional courses to include new topics

Many first-time scientific symposia and instructional course topics will be introduced at the 1999 Annual Meeting.

New to the symposia schedule will be "New Approaches to the Treatment of Osteoarthritis: Oral Chondroitin Sulfate and Glucosamine, Hyaluronan Injections and Intra-Articular Polyurethane." Recent public and media interest has caused many patients to request these new approaches to treating osteoarthritis. Faculty will offer their perspectives on the current scientific evidence on these therapies and patient's clinical outcomes.

Another first-time symposia topic, "Osteopathic Medicine Related to the Spine," will focus on the historical development of osteopathic medicine as it relates to musculoskeletal spinal care.

Other new topics include "Ethical Dilemmas in Orthopaedics." A panel of orthopaedists and medical bioethicists will discuss a series of cases that deal with ethical issues such as patient noncompliance with treatment, family interference in treatment plans and doctor-to-patient confidentiality.

"Regulatory Aspects in Orthopaedics" will look at how new products and technologies move through the regulatory process and what effects it has on the orthopaedic practice. Another symposium is "Updates of Common Problems of the Foot and Ankle."

"Unions, Doctors and Managed Care," a symposium sponsored by the Committee for Quality Orthopaedic Health Care (The Orthopaedic PAC) will explore the pros and cons of physicians joining unions.

Also new to the scientific symposia program are faculty handouts that will be included in the Annual Meeting transaction booklet which all attendees will receive after registering.

More than 60 new instructional courses, many of them focusing on nonclinical issues, have been added to the 1999 Annual Meeting schedule. These courses range from retirement planning-"Planning in Your 30s and 40s for Life After Orthopaedics," and "Planning in Your 50s and 60s for Life After Orthopaedics" to practice management-"Bare Bones Marketing" and "Orthopaedic Practice Buyouts."

Other instructional courses include "Arthroscopic Meniscus Repair," "The Surgical Treatment of Articular Cartilage Defects of the Knee" and "Fracture Management in the Elderly."

Additional symposia and course descriptions including time and date can be found on the Academy's web site at in the "1999 Annual Meeting" section.

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