December 1998 Bulletin


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Annual meeting news

What's new online

Coalition of 11medical societies sues HCFA

14 hospitals exit HCFA residency reduction plan

Pew tells plan to cut work force

More consolidation of orthopaedic firms

MedPartners quits buying physician practices

Physicians fight PhyCor

Expert tells two-fold test for convenants

State restrictions on restrictive covenants

Orthopaedists stand firm in Aetna contract dispute

Physician income stagnates again

Are you ready for a $6 million bill?

FDA approves rheumatoid arthritis drug

Cancer drug may benefit spinal injuries

FDA panel recommends approval of Norian system

Geriatricians, in short supply, seek help

Crunch the numbers before you negotiate

Don't rush to sign contract for new job

Academy forms 'Aging' task force

Feasibility study key to ASC

Practices get ready for Y2K

Patient satisfaction form should be short, simple

Orthopaedist offers advice online

Knock, knock. . .

West south central, pacific states lead in recruiting orthopaedists

11-year-old patient stars in movie 'Simon Birch'

Stop osteoporosis in early childhood, says Dr. Tosi

Focus on prevention, orthopaedists told

NOF issues guide to osteoporosis

They lost races, not interest

Family physician elected to House; 9 MDs in Congress

State societies eye PACs

In Brief

Computer Link: You can swap 35mm slides for floppy

Legal Issues: Sexual harassment cases increasing

Academy condemns sexual misconduct

Coding Corner: It pays to learn diagnosis coding

The plan that links, patient, physician

An orthopaedist's crusade

Academy supports ban on antipersonnel land mines

Telemedicine: Progress poses dilemmas

Across the President's Desk: (c)(6) board adopts Association name; (c)(3) board endorses Academy name

Proposed 1999 Resolutions, Bylaws amendments

Status report on 1998 resolutions

In Memoriam

Most favor future Summer Institute meetings at OLC

Normative data collection study in third phase

1999 Annual Meeting nears

Symposia, instructional courses to include new topics

Academy focus is prevention

Sales of Academy's Essentials book tops $1.7 million

Physicians logging on for education

10 sites to get you started on the Internet

Continuing Medical Education

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