December 1999 Bulletin

AAOS plans use of Internet

We have all witnessed the explosion in the use of the Internet in the past few years. Your Academy has been working diligently to develop a united, global presence for itself and the specialty societies taking full advantage of this communication modality.

A Task Force, chaired by Tom Schmalzried, MD, has been meeting throughout this year, investigating the best and most cost-effective methods by which to do this. They have received proposals from a number of groups, including Medscape, My Health Source and other individual sponsoring groups, and the Task Force is carefully considering each proposal. Each of these groups is pushing for an exclusive, long-term relationship with the Academy in order to have access to musculoskeletal content that can be used for:

Therefore, it is incumbent upon us to insure that the musculoskeletal content is presented and managed with the highest quality and with the utmost integrity.

There is no question that, in the next century, knowledge will be a valuable commodity, and the business of its distribution will skyrocket. How knowledge is communicated to our individual patients, the public in general, or for our own post-graduate education, will be of paramount importance.

The Academy is evaluating these factors and will have a recommendation to our members before the end of the year as to what is best for our interests. This will be after the December board meeting following the report of the website task force.

Until that time, I would urge all Academy Fellows and the members of our Specialty Societies to postpone making a commitment to any of these providers. If you have any questions, please contact the Academy office, especially if you are about to sign a contract.

Robert D. D'Ambrosia, MD

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