December 1999 Bulletin

New Hyatt expands space for OLC courses

Hyatt hotel to benefit education, says William W. Tipton, Jr., MD

The new eight-story Hyatt Rosemont hotel, adjacent to the AAOS headquarters in Rosemont, Ill., is the result of a unique effort of city government, a for-profit corporation and a nonprofit medical association working together, said William W. Tipton Jr., MD, AAOS executive vice president.

"The hotel will enable AAOS to fulfill its mission of providing the highest quality continuing surgical and nonsurgical education program," Dr. Tipton said at ribbon-cutting ceremonies opening the hotel in October.

The 206-room hotel complements the Orthopaedic Learning Center (OLC) in the AAOS building. The hotel has a 4,000-square-foot meeting area that can be divided into four meeting rooms that can be used for OLC courses. There also is a 600-square-foot boardroom. A fiber-optic connection will allow data and images to be transmitted between the OLC and hotel. Sleeping rooms have data ports to allow computer access to the Internet when AAOS-sponsored events are in the hotel conference rooms.

The hotel is an outgrowth of a need for a larger lecture auditorium in the OLC, Dr. Tipton recalled after the ceremonies. The Academy studied the options, including expansion of the OLC. Another option was to encourage the development of a hotel with meeting rooms on an adjacent vacant lot.

Dr. Tipton and Lawrence Rosenthal, deputy executive vice president, met with Donald Stephens, mayor of Rosemont, who confided that he also had thought the vacant lot would be an ideal site for a new hotel. But, Stephens said, the problem was that lack of land for parking cars.

In the months ahead, AAOS provided the solution to the problem by agreeing to allow a four-story parking garage to be placed on 8,000-square-feet of AAOS property to serve tenants of the AAOS building and guests at the hotel.

Several hotel developers submitted proposals for developing the site. Nicholas Pritzker, president of Hyatt Development Corp., said he was "excited" when "the doctors brought the hotel deal to our attention."

"The hotel will not only enhance the learning center experience, but also be valuable for meetings of AAOS and specialty societies," said Dr. Tipton. "I am extremely impressed by the efforts of Hyatt and Rosemont officials in developing this first class product."

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