December 1999 Bulletin


In the News

Letters to the Editor

67th Annual Meeting: new programs, new dates-Wednesday-Sunday


How to respond to HHS, AARP fraud campaign

Managing call is tricky business

Most physicians not members of physicians' union

Stress a leading job hazard

Researchers eye MODEMS outcome questionnaires

Fracture facts

Help patient filter Internet information

AAOS home page sets record, plan expansion

Grant gives orthopaedists new perspective

Need reference books

Orthopaedists eye Congress

Orthopaedist tells how to shape politics

In Brief

Computer Link: Computer telephony saves time, money

Legal Issues: Watch out, it may be illegal

Coding corner: Medicare clarifies rules on consults


Bone and Joint Decade 2000-2010

20th century orthopaedics

Across the President's Desk: AAOS plans use of Internet

Name members of 2000 nominating committee

Societies plan statement on curriculum

Point of View: HHS still bars private contracts

Medical school applicants down for third year

AAOS plans 'just-in-time' education

OSHA has directive on blood exposure

Physicians asked to prove continuing competency

AAOS tells media backpacks can cause problems

New Hyatt expands space for OLC courses

In Memoriam

From the Treasurer

Foot, ankle program to expand scope

Arthritis facts

Continuing medical education

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