December 1999 Bulletin

Researchers eye MODEMS outcome questionnaires

The outcomes data collection questionnaires developed for the MODEMS program are being used extensively by researchers in the United States and in other countries.

MODEMS, an acronym for the Musculoskeletal Outcomes Data Evaluation and Management System, developed the questionnaires for use in physicians' offices. The basic idea was for the practitioner to collect data on how the patient perceived the results of his or her treatment and create a database that could be used to evaluate the success of treatments. The physician also would be able to compare his or her results with the results in a national database of other physicians. The practitioner might find treatment areas that could be improved.

Peter Amadio, MD, chairman of the Outcomes Studies Committee, says there have been 185 requests by researchers to use the questionnaires. The questionnaires have been the basis of published papers and in presentations at medical societies meetings. Because the research is being read or heard by practitioners, the results may help redefine practices, Dr. Amadio said.

The questionnaires have been translated into foreign languages by researchers in other countries. Dr. Amadio hopes to have the questionnaires translated into Spanish to be able to reach the expanding Hispanic population in the United States.

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