December 1999 Bulletin

AAOS home page sets record, plan expansion

The AAOS home page at, already a highly active web site, will be enriched in the coming months to provide more information for the public and to enable AAOS members to use the power of the Internet.

Almost 1.4 million people visited the AAOS home page in the 12 months ended Oct. 30, 1999. A record was set in October when an average of 4,900 people visited the site daily.

Plans are being developed to greatly increase this storehouse of knowledge and to develop home-page templates which AAOS members can customize as their own home page to enhance patient-physician relations.

Access to information specific to the patient's complaint will give the orthopaedic surgeon and the patient an additional tool with which to work together and enhance the traditional physician-patient relationship. See Across the President's Desk column "AAOS plans use of Internet."

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