December 1999 Bulletin


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OPAs say thanks

As a practice administrator and a specialty trained physician assistant, I read Point of View column of John Wickenden, MD, (August 1999 Bulletin) with much empathy. I have worked with orthopaedic surgeons for 18 years and they also maintain the sleepless nights as does, or should I say, Dr. Wickenden did. Most people outside your profession cannot imagine the deprivation of sleep which many orthopaedists endure let alone the constant harassment of a telephone.

Our practice, along with many other practices around the country, utilize orthopaedic physician assistants (OPA) who have been specialty trained to work alongside orthopaedic surgeons.

I agree with both Dr. Wickenden and Douglas Jackson, MD, (Letters to the Editor, October 1999 Bulletin) that training of non-physician providers and changes in the healthcare marketplace are driving medicine down a road where it has never been. I feel OPAs can and do help in navigating this highway.

Thomas M. Hunt, OPA-C
Oak Park, Ill.

Concerning the Point of View column by John Wickenden, MD, (August 1999 Bulletin), I am very familiar with the orthopaedist's long hours of selfless giving of time and energy so that others may have a better quality life and health. I am glad to know that the orthopaedic surgeon still supports the concept of the orthopaedic physician's assistants as an integral part of his living experience and practice.

We are the American Society of Orthopaedic Physician's Assistants. We are very appreciative to Douglas Jackson, MD, in his letters of support to HFCA for the OPA-Cs in reimbursement and verification of our profession. We will continue do our very best to reverse the denial that the OPA has not been a viable, visible provider as enacted in public law 30 years ago.

Daniel L. McNabb was
President ASOPA

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