February 2000 Bulletin

AMA urges cooperation on medicine’s issues

Randolph D. Smoak, MD, president-elect of the American Medical Association (AMA), encouraged the more than 75 members of state orthopaedic societies at a two-day meeting in November to continue to work closely with state medical societies to advocate medicine’s issues.

Dr. Smoak said there is a need for greater cooperation by the AMA, specialty societies and state medical societies in order for medicine to be successful.

The goal of the 1999 State Orthopaedic Societies Strategies Meeting in Oak Brook, Ill. was to promote information sharing between states on both legislative and administrative issues. More than 30 state societies were represented.

Panel discussions were held on workers’ compensation issues and the continued efforts of nonphysicians to increase their scope of practice. Representatives of the Texas Medical Association offered a detailed analysis of the legislation that allows collective negotiations with insurers. Discussions on administrative issues included how to increase state society membership, increase non-dues revenues and hire and work with a lobbyist.

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