February 2000 Bulletin


In the News

Letters to the Editor

Let's hear from you

67th Annual Meeting almost here

IOM urges U.S. public safety center

HEART system helps avoid senior citizen's complaints

Y2K bug bites few, but new problem looms

AAOS,SRS, NASS dismissed from pedicle screw suits

Panel urges formal implant retrieval plan

U.S., states act to prevent needlesticks

When total joint patient needs dental antibiotic

How to recognize 'official' AAOS survey

It's simple; it's cash

FDA plans strategy on reuse of devices

AAOS seeks changes in Stark II


States News: In Brief

Managed care major issue in 2000

Computer Link: High speed downloading on the way

Legal Issues: New safe harbors rule poses questions

Coding corner: Pain management CPT codes revised

Path to success

Modified wave schedule keeps everyone happy

Patient surveys are 'win-win'

Will MCOs survive?

HMOs misjudge costs, lose $1.25 billion in 1998

Across the President's Desk: Shared decision-making-a new partnership

Board approves new programs, dues increase

AAOS dues progression

Comparison of association dues

Bone and Joint Decade will help you

Worldwide Bone and Joint Decade begins

Point of View: Scoliosis school screening needed

Electronic era has opportunities, but legal complexities

AAOS adopts position on telemedicine

Unity, quality education on 'campus'

AAOS headquarters home for 26 specialty societies

AMA urges cooperation on medicine's issues

Computer tools aid surgeons

In Memoriam

Interactive learning tops didactic

AAOS, ASES plan shoulder elbow satellite course

2000 calendar of CME courses

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