February 2000 Bulletin

How to recognize ‘official’ AAOS survey

Because of the great interest in obtaining information these days, many people, including the fellowship, are receiving more and more surveys to complete. Here’s how you can tell if a survey survey you receive is an official AAOS survey.

The AAOS department of research says all official AAOS surveys are accompanied by a cover letter on official AAOS letterhead. All AAOS surveys will arrive in an official Academy envelope, be faxed directly to you from the AAOS or given to you at an official AAOS event. AAOS surveys have an official AAOS logo clearly displayed on the top of the survey form. Most AAOS surveys are scannable and will contain a black square in each corner of the form. AAOS surveys will contain an official AAOS fax number or an official AAOS post-paid return envelope for returning the survey.

To verify that a survey is an official AAOS document, contact Dominic Cioffi, the Academy’s manager of survey research, at (847) 384-4325.

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