February 2000 Bulletin


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Getting it straight

For the sake of being historically accurate, I must correct your article on hip arthroplasty (December 1999 Bulletin). Numerous Americans spent six months or more as residents with John Charnley in the early years of his development of the total hip. Mark Lezansky was the first in 1967, Cecil Christensen in 1968, Nas Efticar in 1968, with numerous others following in the 70s.

John Charnley formed The Low Friction Society composed of people who trained with him. He only allowed those in his society to utilize his instruments and prosthesis. You could not obtain them in the early years without his approval. Mark Lazansky was the first to introduce arthroplasty to this country and Cecil Christensen was first to introduce it west of New York in 1968. It wasn’t until the early 70s that other manufacturers of prosthetic components became available to other surgeons.

The Low Friction Society continues to meet and consists of surgeons from many nations, all of whom spent months or years with John Charnley. The next meeting is in June 2000 at Wrightington, U.K.

Cecil M. Christensen, MD

Houston, Texas

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