February 2001 Bulletin

COAP to help members reach out to community

AAOS members soon will have access to the Community Orthopaedic Awareness Program (COAP)–a series of five PowerPoint presentations for orthopaedic surgeons to use in their communities. Topics selected by the AAOS for the first series are osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, back pain, sports injuries and general injury prevention. These topics were identified as having the greatest impact on the population through analysis of the burden of disease data.

"COAP ties-in with one of the goals of the whole public and media relations effort, which is to help to improve the general public impression of orthopaedic surgeons–to show that we’re not just ‘high tech,’ but that we’re also folks who care about people in our community, " says John Purvis, MD, chair of the AAOS public and media relations committee. "We’re reaching out to give them information, not just about disease process or management, but also about prevention."

The multimedia presentations will include video segments featuring inspiring patient stories. The presentations will be tied-in with the AAOS’s new public service announcement (PSA) campaign that carries the theme, "Getting You Back in the Game" and also features these same patients in print ads, television, radio and airport advertising components. Postcards of the print ads will be available to members for use in promoting these community presentations, and components of the PSA campaign will be integrated into each presentation.

In addition to the patient video segments, the presentations will provide education material about the Bone and Joint Decade, burden of disease statistics, prevention information and treatment options. A "how to" guide will be included offering the orthopaedic surgeon tips and techniques for bringing the information to the community, including sample Letters to the Editor and press releases for use at the local level. Educational fact sheets for each condition will also be developed.

The presentations will be available in both PowerPoint and slides formats, and offered to members on the AAOS web site.

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