February 2001 Bulletin

Be proactive with advisor

Evaluate portfolio, financial performance goals

By Joel M. Blau

At this particular time of year, it is wise to assess your financial situation and determine the impact the stock market has had both positively and negatively on your long-term goals. Physicians who rely on assistance from professionals need to be certain that those relationships are based on mutual respect as well as trust. In this manner, the relationship with one’s financial advisor is a true partnership, where both parties are working toward a common goal–your financial stability and financial independence.

A financial advisor may help manage your investments, perform portfolio evaluations and serve as an educator to ensure a greater understanding of the investment environment. To be sure that you are receiving the full benefit of such a relationship, you should take the following proactive steps to ensure that both you and your advisor are working together, as a partnership, to meet your current and future financial goals.

Joel M. Blau, CFP, is president of MEDIQUS Asset Advisors, Inc.

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