February 2002 Bulletin

2002 CME calendar

Listed below are the Academy’s upcoming continuing education courses through June 2002. For more information, contact the AAOS customer service department at (800) 626-6726, the fax-on-demand system at (800) 999-2939, or the "Medical Education" section of the AAOS web site at www.aaos.org.

Frontiers in Sports Medicine: The Athlete in 2002—Jointly sponsored with the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine
Feb. 28-March 3, LaJolla, Calif.
Stephen Burkhart, MD, and Mark E. Steiner, MD, chairmen

18th Annual Comprehensive Review Course for Orthopaedic Surgeons
March 17-22, Chicago, Ill.
Alan J. Jones, MD, chairman

Foot and Ankle Surgical Techniques for the New Millennium
March 22-24, Orthopaedic Learning Center, Rosemont, Ill.
Lew C. Schon, MD, and Robert B. Anderson, MD, chairmen

3rd Biennial Shoulder and Elbow Meeting–Jointly sponsored with the American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons
April 4-7, Orlando, Fla.
Louis U. Bigliani, MD; John M. Fenlin, Jr., MD; Evan L. Flatow, MD; Tom R. Norris, MD; and John J.P. Warner, MD, chairmen

Orthopaedic Clinical Trials: Design, Implementation and Regulation Issues
April 6-7, Washington, D.C.
James N. Weinstein, DO, MS, chairman

Surgical Treatment of Complex Knee Ligament, Patellofemoral and Articular Cartilage Disorders
April 12-14, Orthopaedic Learning Center, Rosemont, Ill.
Bernard R. Bach Jr., MD, and Kurt P. Spindler, MD, chairmen

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
April 12-14, St. Louis, Mo.
K. Daniel Riew, MD, and Isador H. Lieberman, MD, chairmen

Orthopaedic Trauma: Current Concepts and Practical Solutions—Jointly sponsored with the Orthopaedic Trauma Association (OTA)
May 2-5, Santa Fe, N.M.
Paul Tornetta, III, MD, and David C. Templemen, MD, chairmen

The Shoulder: Current Practice in Open and Arthroscopic Techniques
May 3-5, Orthopaedic Learning Center, Rosemont, Ill.
Peter D. McCann, MD, and Anthony Miniaci, MD, chairmen

Practical Techniques for Improved Fracture Management
June 21-23, Orthopaedic Learning Center, Rosemont, Ill.
Samuel G. Agnew, MD, and James P. Stannard, MD, chairmen

Practical Strategies in Spine Surgery: Current Applications and Techniques
June 28-30, Orthopaedic Learning Center, Rosemont, Ill.
Glenn R. Rechtine, II, MD, and Alex Vaccaro, MD, chairmen

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