February 2002 Bulletin

What’s new on Your Orthopaedic Connection

With over 2 million page views last year alone, the AAOS Patient Education site Your Orthopaedic Connection is a popular section of the AAOS Web site. Two recent changes to the site’s home page should entice visitors to stay longer and explore more parts of the site.

News You Can Use

This feature has been revamped to draw visitors into different sections of the site. Instead of a single article in the scroll box, the new format lists three or four short, current news bits with directions on accessing additional information. Before the holidays, for example, there was an item on how increased security at airports could affect people with joint implants, as well as referrals to articles on selecting exercise equipment (for last-minute shoppers), ladder safety when decorating your home and healthy eating. The list of topics will change every week, so repeat visitors will regularly find new tips.

Rate the Site

Visitors, including AAOS members, can now provide instant feedback on the site’s usefulness through the "Rate the Site" survey. The easy-to-complete questionnaire is designed to measure effectiveness and value. Respondents are asked what drew them to the site, whether they found what they were looking for, how useful the information was, and whether they found the site easy to use. Basic demographic information (including age and gender) is also requested. Participants can even suggest new topics for consideration as well as indicate their interest in receiving an on-line newsletter about musculoskeletal conditions.

If you haven’t yet visited Your Orthopaedic Connection, find out what all the fuss is about by going to http://orthoinfo.aaos.org. Explore your specialty areas on the human figure and review the patient information provided. All materials can be downloaded and printed to distribute to your patients. Don’t forget to "Rate the Site" before you leave, particularly if you’d like to request information on a condition or treatment used frequently in your practice.

Your Orthopaedic Connection continues to grow in size and scope. Here are some new articles added in recent months:

New topics added

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