February 2003 Bulletin

New publication highlights malpractice issues

By Jack C. Childers, Jr., MD

With the assistance of an unrestricted educational grant from Smith & Nephew, the AAOS will launch a new quarterly publication for AAOS Fellows in March. The Orthopaedic Medical Legal Advisor will cover such subjects as

In addition, there will be coverage of 2003’s hottest topics, professional liability insurance rates and expert witness testimony. There will also be a "feedback," or letters-to-the-editor column, through which readers may voice their opinions.

Academy Fellow Laura L. Forese, MD, of New York, will serve as editor-in-chief, with assistance and contributions from members of the AAOS Professional Liability Committee, who will also serve as the editorial advisory board. The editor will be Lawrence Brenner, JD, who previously edited a similar publication sponsored by Columbia University in New York.

The Orthopaedic Medical Legal Advisor will be provided to all active US Fellows and US residents at no cost. The first issue is planned for March. It promises to be informative, lively and sometimes controversial, so watch your incoming mail for the inaugural issue. Letters to the editor may be directed to Dr. Forese at the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery/ PH11, 622 W. 168th Street, New York, NY 10032. As many as possible will be published as space allows, subject to editing for length and clarity.

Jack C. Childers, Jr., MD, is a Fellow of the Academy and chair of the Committee on Professional Liability. He serves as managing editor of Orthopaedic Medical Legal Advisor.

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