February 2003 Bulletin

AAOS launches 2003 public service ad campaign

The AAOS launched its 2003 multimedia national public service announcement (PSA) campaign during the opening ceremony of the Annual Meeting in New Orleans. The Academy has partnered with the Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation (OREF) and the National Association for Sport & Physical Education (NASPE) to develop a campaign that provides valuable information on improving and maintaining good bone health throughout a lifetime.

The comprehensive PSA campaign includes three print ads, three versions of a television spot (60, 30 and 15 seconds in length) and four radio announcements (two 60-second spots and two 30-second spots).

The midlife matador

This year’s television spot, Midlife Matador, depicts a middle-aged woman who wants to fulfill her passion of learning how to become a matador, despite the physically demanding challenges this activity presents. Although the spot is humorous, the message is serious: it is important to exercise common sense while engaging in any type of physical activity, particularly when beginning a new physical regimen.

Fewer than 10 percent of Americans participate in regular exercise, and the most sedentary group is over age 50. Condensing all the activity into one weekend (weekend warrior syndrome) does not increase fitness levels and in fact may boost the chances of injury. Just 30 minutes of moderate activity, incorporated into your daily routine, can provide health benefits.

"Develop a balanced fitness program that incorporates warm up, stretching, cardiovascular exercise, weight-bearing activity, strength training and flexibility," advises Stuart Hirsch, MD, chair of the Academy’s Council on Communications. "A balanced program will keep you from getting bored and lessen your chance of injury."

Print ads

The first of the three print public service announcements, Get Up, Get Out, Get Moving features two children jumping through a sprinkler. The Academy, in partnership with the NASPE, stresses how essential it is that children participate in regular physical activity.

Normal childhood activities like running and jumping are great ways for kids to build strong, healthy bones, develop a lifetime habit of exercise and prevent musculoskeletal disorders later in life. With more than 9 million children overweight, the importance of developing healthy lifestyle habits, including adequate amounts of exercise, couldn’t be more vital.

The second print ad, Patient Safety Is No Accident, shows a physician writing his initials on the shoulder of a patient preparing for surgery. The Academy advocates this simple and effective procedure called "Sign Your Site" to help increase patient safety in the operating room.

Many of the changes in our musculoskeletal system result more from disuse than from simple aging. The third print ad, It All Begins with Research, features a woman dancing on top of a table at a lively celebration and illustrates that aging doesn’t necessarily have to slow you down, thanks to scientific advances in musculoskeletal prevention and treatment options. The Academy and the OREF are working together to promote the need for continued strides in vital orthopaedic research.

Radio announcements

The Academy’s first radio spot, Promising New Procedure, informs listeners of the Academy’s "Sign Your Site" patient safety initiative, reinforcing the message of one of the print ads. The second radio spot, Ole! revisits the TV ad’s "midlife matador" theme and highlights the importance of exercising common sense when it comes to planning physical activities to avoid the weekend warrior syndrome.


This year’s campaign will be distributed to 1,100 broadcast TV stations and 500 cable TV stations; 5,000 radio stations; and 6,000 print outlets including 2,000 magazines, 3,000 weekly newspapers and 1,000 daily newspapers. In addition, these public service messages will be featured on display ads in hundreds of airports nationwide.

Academy members can view the new PSA campaign materials in a display in the Resource Center. All three print versions are available in poster and postcard sizes and can be ordered as part of the Community Outreach Package for a minimum shipping and handling fee only.

The campaign components were created by the Academy and its advertising agency, August, Lang and Husak Advertising Inc., of Bethesda, Md.

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