February 2003 Bulletin

2004 Leadership Fellows selected

By Carolyn Rogers

The AAOS Leadership Fellows Program (LFP) Class of 2004 has been announced. LFP chair Stephan M. England, MD, presented the list of new Fellows to the AAOS Board of Directors at their December meeting, and the Board approved the list.

The new class of Fellows will be introduced at the 2003 Annual Meeting in New Orleans. They are: Judith F. Baumhauer, MD; Craig Howard Bennett, MD; Gregory Alexander Brown, MD; Frances A. Farley, MD; James C. Farmer, MD; Thomas R. Hunt, MD; Matthew Jimenez, MD; Tamara Lynn Martin, MD; Ronald Anthony Navarro, MD; Bradley James Nelson, MD; Michael Lloyd Parks, MD; Susan Scherl, MD; Susan E Stephens, MD; David D. Teuscher, MD, and Robert Horace Wilson, MD.

LFP identifies, cultivates future leaders

Established in December 2001, the LFP identifies future leaders from the younger members of AAOS who have little previous volunteer or leadership experience and prepares them to assume roles of responsibility within AAOS.

The LFP combines didactic leadership training with an ongoing mentoring program that matches the participants with an established leader within the orthopaedic community. The role of Mentor is viewed as an integral part of the LFP Program. As advisor and confidant to the LFP Fellow, a Mentor fosters a close professional and personal relationship that continues throughout the fellowship year and beyond.

"It [LFP] represents a great opportunity to get to know a diverse group of true leaders in the field," says Michael Vitale, MD, MPH, LFP class of 2003.

"The mentoring system provides a unique insight into the way successful, dynamic leaders in our field have made their career and their lives ‘work.’ The curriculum uses meetings, lectures, assigned reading and regular conference calls to foster these relationships and to delve into the interesting subject of ‘leadership.’ Perhaps most importantly, the program provides an introduction and shared experience upon which important and meaningful relationships among the Fellows are sure to develop."

At the February 2003 AAOS Annual Meeting, the newly selected LFP Fellows will attend an orientation session, meet their mentors and attend the graduation of the LFP’s inaugural class—the class of 2003.

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