February 2004 Bulletin

The Athlete’s Shoulder, Volume 2, now available

A world-class learning tool

By Sandra Lee Berner

The Athlete’s Shoulder, Volume 2 —another offering in the Academy’s line of educational multimedia products—is hot off the press. The DVD-ROM offers up-to-date, cutting-edge information and case-based learning tools developed by more than 50 of the world’s top shoulder surgeons.
“The Athlete’s Shoulder, Volume 2 is the ‘other shoe’ of The Athlete’s Shoulder, Volume 1,” explains Michael L. Pearl, MD, who, along with Richard J. Hawkins, MD, FRCS, and Scott P. Steinmann, MD, developed the product.

Both DVDs will be available for screening at this year’s Annual Meeting in San Francisco.

“We really had a lot of positive feedback from Volume 1—enough to warrant making Volume 2,” says Dr. Pearl. “It is a terrific educational DVD-ROM that consists of interactive cases, tutorials and accompanying resources. Interactive learning tools and expert opinions help direct your progress. Top shoulder surgeons guide you through each step of 10 detailed patient cases — from patient history through diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and more.”
There are also full-screen visuals, including more than 200 video clips and hundreds of still images, that bring you into the operating room. Interactive tools allow you to make a virtual incision and help you interpret radiographs and MRIs. The DVD format allows you to fully participate in the learning. Plus, you’ll earn 20 Category I CME credits for completing each DVD-ROM.
In addition, there are four in-depth tutorials including arthroscopic anatomy, the biomechanics of instability, knots (open and arthrosocpic) and rehabilitation.
Case topics include impingement, microinstability, multidirectional instability, nerve compression, osteoarthritis, full rotator cuff tears, scapular winging, snapping scapula, sternoclavicular degeneration, tendonitis and more.
Both volumes of The Athlete’s Shoulder are structured to allow you to investigate, decide a course of action and work at your own pace. Available individually or as a set, these programs explore the full spectrum of soft-tissue shoulder conditions.

To order your copy of the The Athlete’s Shoulder, Volume 2, priced at $199 for AAOS members and $149 for residents, call AAOS customer service at (800) 626-6726.

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