February 2004 Bulletin

HHS launches federal grant Web site

By Sandra Lee Berner

A new Web site unveiled by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in December will allow organizations to find and apply for more than $360 billion in competitive federal grant opportunities.

The Web site is a major component of President Bush’s Electronic Government initiative, an effort to use Internet-based technology to facilitate interaction with government agencies. The White House Office of Management and Budget, which oversees the initiative, has designated HHS as a managing partner for developing the site.

HHS funds more than half of all competitive grants administered by the federal government. The site currently offers information about more than 800 grant programs involving all 26 federal grant-making agencies. To date, HHS and the U.S. departments of Commerce, Education, Energy and Justice have posted application packages.

A standardized format is offered on the Web site for accessibility across agencies. To simplify an application process, the site features include two key features: “Find Grant Opportunities” and “Apply for Grants.”

According to a press statement made by HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson, “By putting relevant information in one place, we’re helping to level the playing field for organizations less familiar with federal grant programs so that they too can identify and apply for appropriate grants.”

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