AAOS Bulletin - February, 2005

AAOS offers Internet-based patient education tools

Online version of popular prescription pad available

By Nancy Fehr

AAOS makes it affordable and as easy as 1-2-3 for a member to enhance his or her patient education program using Internet technologies.

First, build your own Web site using personal physician or group practice (OrthoDoc) templates.

Second, populate the Web site with links to patient education modules from Your Orthopaedic Connection, the AAOS patient education Web site, on topics you choose in your specialties.

Finally, direct patients to read relevant educational modules, using customized “Rx for patient education” printouts.

Building a Web site

More than 2,500 AAOS members have already built Web sites using the Academy’s free OrthoDoc templates. You can choose from several designs and personalize your Web site with your photo and logo.

To get started, go to http://orthodoc.aaos.org/info and choose an “individual” or “group practice” Web site. Log in with your last name and Academy ID number. Fill in the templates to complete your Web site.

Adding content

Once you have an OrthoDoc Web site, you can automatically choose links to patient education articles in your specialties on Your Orthopaedic Connection. If you have a personal or practice Web site, you must follow the linking guidelines (http://orthoinfo.aaos.org/hyperlink.htm) to link to articles on Your Orthopaedic Connection.

Access to Your Orthopaedic Connection gives you a virtual patient education library with more than 450 articles in 15 categories:

Arm/Elbow; Arthritis; Children; En Espanol; Foot/Leg; General Information; Hand; Hip; Injury Prevention; Knee; Neck; Osteoporosis; Patient Safety; Shoulder; Spine;

Sports/Exercise, and Women’s Health. All materials are written and reviewed by AAOS members, ensuring that the content is medically accurate.

Your Orthopaedic Connection currently attracts nearly 800,000 page views each month from orthopaedic patients, physicians and the public around the world. Recommend it to your patients, too.

Patient education made easy

Give your patients the benefit of orthopaedic information you both can trust by referring them to Your Orthopaedic Connection materials on your OrthoDoc Web site or on the AAOS Web site. Providing patient education can lead to increased patient satisfaction and compliance. If patients know where to look for information and can download, print and keep the information, you’ll save time in repeat explanations.

The easiest way to refer patients to Your Orthopaedic Connection is to give them the Web site address: http://orthoinfo.aaos.org. You can also print out articles to hand to patients or provide a selection in your waiting room.

Reinforcing the fact that you “prescribe” informative articles are the “Rx for patient education” notepads. These colorful, prescription-sized notepads are printed with the Your Orthopaedic Connection Web site address and have space for individualized notes and recommendations. E-mail Nancy Fehr for more information.

The newest tool for referring patients to educational materials is the AAOS customized “Rx for patient education” handouts. Printed with your name, office information and logo, the online “Rx for patient education” printout can list article titles you choose to “check off” for patients to read. Try it yourself at: http://www.aaos.org/rx. Simply log in with your last name/password, choose titles of articles in your specialties, then print as many customized sheets as you need.

Take it to the next level

Take your patient education program to the next level by using the online tools provided by the AAOS. You’ll find out why AAOS members are saying, “This is a great benefit!”

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