AAOS Bulletin - February, 2005

CAP system matches volunteers, opportunities

The AAOS KEI (Knowledge, Experience, Interest) database is your key to getting involved on committees, councils and project teams. It’s how AAOS ensures that assignments go to the person best able to do the job.

KEI is the committee/council electronic vacancy announcement, application and selection system. Located in the Member Services section of the AAOS Web site (http://www.aaos.org/cap), the database includes all current openings on committees, subcommittes, councils, and project teams. And with more than 100 different volunteer activities to choose from, there’s bound to be an opening that interests you.

“In many organizations, there’s an ‘old boys’ network’ that must be cracked before an individual can really participate in leadership activities,” said Stuart L. Weinstein, MD, AAOS first vice president and chair of the Committee on Committees, which oversees the volunteer recruitment process. “The AAOS wanted to get away from that kind of system because it actually limits member involvement. The KEI system ensures fairness in committee/council appointments and gives every member an opportunity to apply for any open position.”

The CAP system is password-protected and requires a login to access. It includes details on each open committee/council position, including committee charges, term length, member responsibilities and qualifications, meetings, contact information and application deadlines. There’s also a link to the list of current committee members.

Applying for a position

If you find something that interests you, click the “Apply” button to access an application form. You’ll be asked about your qualifications, background and experience. You’re given the opportunity to provide additional pertinent information as well. All applicants must provide the names of two references who are fellows of the Academy. Once you’ve verified your reference entries, simply click “Submit” to complete your formal application.

You’ll have the opportunity to modify your application, if you wish; it won’t actually be submitted until you click the “Process Application” button. Then, you’ll receive a confirmation that your application has been received.

Selection and evaluation

Only the chair of the council or committee with an opening can access and review all applications for that position. After evaluating all possible applicants, the chair makes his or her recommendations to the Committee on Committees, which must approve the appointment.

Each year, council/committee chairs and members use the KEI system to complete an annual evaluation form. The head of the council/committee evaluates each member; in addition, each member evaluates the chair. These evaluation summaries become part of the database and can be reviewed if the individual applies for another position.

“The KEI system enables the Academy to base committee appointments on competency, needs and interest,” said Dr. Weinstein. “It opens the process to all fellows, regardless of whom you know or where you’re located. KEI helps ensure that each committee is staffed with people who know what must be done and are willing to devote the time and energy to accomplishing those goals successfully.”

Because volunteer opportunities open regularly, it’s a good idea to visit the KEI site frequently: http://www.aaos.org/cap

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