AAOS Bulletin - February, 2005

New AAOS books, products available in 2005

By Jeannie Glickson

With the constant advances in orthopaedic technology and techniques, AAOS members have a fundamental, ongoing need for materials that help them stay up-to-date. Their most trusted source for quality orthopaedic information is the AAOS itself. And the new selection of print and electronic titles in 2005 reinforces that standing.

    OKU 8: Home Study Syllabus

    This highly anticipated new Orthopaedic Knowledge Update (OKU) edition is the culmination of three years of work by renowned experts in the orthopaedic field.

Edited by Alexander R. Vaccaro, MD, OKU 8 presents a concise, readable synopsis of vital orthopaedic literature from 2001 through 2004. It also serves as a comprehensive review for American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery (ABOS) certification or recertification.

OKU 8 is available as both a hardbound and paperback text, with material organized into eight sections: basic science, general knowledge, systemic disorders, upper and lower extremity, adult spine, rehabilitation and pediatrics. The hardbound version is available to AAOS members for $225 and to residents for $150. The softcover version costs $165 for AAOS members and $115 for residents.

2005 OSAE

Based in part on the OKU 8: Home Study Syllabus, the 2005 Orthopaedic Self-Assessment Examination (OSAE) focses on relevant information from all areas of orthopaedic practice. It is also a valuable self-assessment tool for residents preparing for first-time ABOS certification and for orthopaedists preparing for recertification. The 2005 OSAE is an integral part of the OKU 8: Home Study Program. AAOS members and residents must purchase both OKU 8 and the 2005 OSAE to qualify for up to 50 Category 1 CME credits.

Scheduled for release in July in print and on-line formats, the 2005 OSAE is available to AAOS members for $90 and to residents for $60.

Special interest exams

AAOS offers three ways to improve your clinical decision-making, prepare for certification or recertification and earn Category 1 CME credits with the 2005 self-assessment special interest exams.

Anatomy-Imaging, developed by the Anatomy-Imaging Evaluation Subcommittee, chaired by Peter M. Murray, MD, will help you interpret imaging techniques and enhance your knowledge of surgical and pathologic anatomy relating to all major joints, spine, arthroscopy, pediatrics, and total joint replacement. With this exam, you can earn up to 10 Category 1 CME credits.

    Test your ability to diagnose and treat tumors and tumor-like conditions by interpreting high quality clinical, radiographic, and pathologic images with Musculoskeletal Tumors and Diseases self-assessment examination, created by the Musculoskeletal Tumors and Diseases Evaluation Subcommittee, chaired by Mark T. Scarborough, MD. This exam, also worth up to 10 Category 1 CME credits, will assess your knowledge of adjunctive therapies in the treatment of benign and malignant tumors.

    Upper Extremity, developed by the Upper Extremity Evaluation Subcommittee chaired by Steve A. Petersen, MD, presents challenging clinical problems that address operative and nonoperative management of injuries and acquired disorders, including trauma-fracture, arthritis, sports injuries and neuromuscular disorders.

This examination has been expanded to include 125 multiple-choice questions, enabling you to earn up to 15 Category I CME credits. The exam now includes questions about the forearm, hand, and wrist trauma and reconstruction.

The cost of the self-assessment exams is $85 each for AAOS members and $60 each for residents; the three-exam package is available for $185 to members and $140 to residents.

    OKU: Sports Medicine 3

    Practicing sports medicine surgeons will find clinical insight and decision-making support with OKU: Sports Medicine 3, edited by James G. Garrick, MD.

Developed by the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine (AOSSM) and published by AAOS, OKU: Sports Medicine 3 is a timely and concise review of the most important sports medicine developments from 1999 through 2003.

OKU: Sports Medicine 3 includes important advances in injury prevention, surgical and nonsurgical treatment, and rehabilitation, as well as ge neral sports-related topics. It also includes AOSSM’s new curriculum in sports medicine. Extensive bibliographies and an in-depth index help members prepare for this challenging new curriculum. The book is available to AAOS members for $107, and to residents for $85.

    Advanced Reconstruction—Hip

    Another new AAOS offering is Advanced Reconstruction—Hip. Edited by Jay R. Lieberman, MD, and Daniel J. Berry, MD, this widely anticipated new publication covers complex hip cases. Practicing orthopaedic surgeons will benefit from step-by-step advice and proven surgical approaches for adult hip reconstruction.

This generously illustrated, four-color book includes more than 60 of the most challenging hip conditions seen in clinical practice. The book reviews treatment indications, summarizes treatment results and offers ways to avoid complications.

Sections include primary total hip arthroplasty, complex total hip arthroplasty, complications after total hip arthroplasty, revision total hip arthroplasty, and alternate reconstruction procedures. The price for AAOS members is $170; and for residents, $140.

    Instructional Course Lectures, Vol. 54

    Lean on the experts in orthopaedics to help you solve tough cases and keep you informed of current best practices.

Vincent D. Pellegrini Jr., MD, and Walter B. Greene, MD, editors of Instructional Course Lectures, Volume 54, have compiled the experts’ best practices for the year in this practical guide for solving orthopaedic problems. Dr. Pellegrini and a select group of orthopaedists share their expertise in adult reconstruction in the shoulder and elbow, hand and wrist, hip and knee, and foot and ankle. There are also sections on the spine, sports medicine (knee), trauma, basic science, oncology and pediatric orthopaedics.

This volume comes complete with a supplemental DVD, which includes videos of surgery in the thoracic and lumbar spine, meniscus repair, revision total knee surgery, foot arthrodesis and much more. The entire package is available to AAOS members for $125 and to residents for $95.

    Atlas of Amputations and Limb Deficiencies

    The just-published third edition of Atlas of Amputations and Limb Deficiencies: Surgical, Prosthetic and Rehabilitation Principles—

edited by Douglas G. Smith, MD; John W. Michael, MEd, CPO; and John H. Bowker, MD—reaffirms the high standing of this comprehensive reference on the surgical and prosthetic management of acquired and congenital limb loss.

Written by experts in amputation surgery, rehabilitation and prosthetics, this expanded edition will support you and your treatment team in selecting the best approach to caring for patients. The book is available to AAOS members and residents for $170.

    CPT®/RVU Coding Guide for Orthopaedic Surgery

    Coding requisites are always changing. To help you stay current, the AAOS has created a completely new coding resource: the CPT/RVU Coding Guide for Orthopaedic Surgery.

This handy guide will help you convert CPT codes to Medicare RVU facility and nonfacility equivalents. It also provides answers to your coding questions. The 2005 edition contains codes and descriptors for more than 1,500 musculoskeletal, radiology and integumentary procedures.

The book includes an updated section on evaluation and management coding, complete with examples of how to apply these codes to your practice. This completely new guide combines the best from two popular coding books: the AAOS Guide to CPT Coding in Orthopaedic Surgery and the CPT Minibook for Orthopaedic Surgery formerly published by the American Medical Association. The CPT/RVU Coding Guide sells for $75 to both AAOS members and residents.

Additional new coding products

The 2005 versions of Complete Global Service Data, CPT/ICD-9 Cross-Reference and Orthopaedic Code-X on CD-ROM are also available to help you code and cross-reference correctly and increase reimbursements to your practice. These resources are thoroughly reviewed, updated and enhanced each year by the AAOS Committee on CPT/ICD Coding. Pricing and more detailed product information is available in the Academy’s print and online Educational Resources Catalog.

In orthopaedics, the pursuit of knowledge must continue for a lifetime. The latest medical/scientific publications and self-assessment examinations from the AAOS are the fastest, most reliable means for maintaining high standards of clinical practice.

To order any of the products noted in this article, go online to http://www.aaos.org/products or call (800) 626-6726. Synopses of the latest electronic media resources will appear in the April AAOS Bulletin.

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