AAOS Bulletin - February, 2006

George F. Will: Presidential Guest Speaker

America’s foremost political commentator and columnist—George F. Will, PhD—will address the 2006 AAOS Annual Meeting on Friday, March 24, at 9:15 a.m. in the McCormick Place Grand Ballroom

A Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist, essayist and author, George F. Will has been called “the country’s most iconic political columnist as well as its foremost conservative voice.”

George F. Will

His syndicated newspaper column appears in nearly 500 papers in the United States and Europe, and he is a regular member of ABC’s Sunday morning political analysis program, “This Week.” In addition, he writes a biweekly back page column for Newsweek.

Since winning the Pulitzer in 1977 for his commentary and columns, Wills has regularly been honored by his peers. In 1978, he received a National Headlines Award for his “consistently outstanding special features columns.” He was named “Best Writer, Any Subject” by The Washington Journalism Review in 1985, and listed among the 25 most influential Washington journalists by the National Journal in 1997.

Will is well-known for his witty, hard-hitting commentaries on issues of national importance. His views on the Washington political scene offer a glimpse into what the future holds for public affairs, public policy and American society. He recently wrote: “People serious about reducing the role of money in politics should be serious about reducing the role of politics in distributing money.”

Born in Champaign, Ill., Will has degrees from Trinity College (Hartford, Conn.), Oxford University and Princeton, as well as more than 15 honorary degrees. His columns have been collected in eleven volumes, and he has authored two best-selling books on baseball—Bunts: Pete Rose, Curt Flood, Camden Yards and Other Reflections on Baseball and Men at Work: The Craft of Baseball—as well as three books on political philosophy.

Whether you agree or disagree with his views, you are sure to be enlightened and entertained by his commentary.

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