AAOS Bulletin - February, 2006

Committee Appointment Committee

By Kathleen Misovic

The Committee Appointment Committee (CAC) is key to building a strong volunteer force in support of the Academy’s programmatic and governing activities. It oversees and operates the AAOS Committee Appointment Program (CAP), the Academy’s online program for filling committee and council vacancies. It recommends charges and appointments to all committees, subcommittees and councils. It oversees volunteer evaluation of all volunteers.

“The Committee Appointment Committee provides incredible support and leadership for all the other committees,” said Richard F. Kyle, MD, current CAC chair and AAOS first vice president. “Its role is to support the heart and soul of the Academy—its volunteers.”

A working committee

The CAC, formerly known as the Committee on Committees, reviews the annual goals, consultant appointments and liaison activities of all committees to determine if the proposed activities fulfill their individual missions and whether the costs involved are justified. It also establishes policies and procedures for council/committee chairs, members and staff liaisons.

The CAC establishes procedures for council and committee organization that will assure the effective and efficient utilization of volunteers. It also determines whether new committees should be established or existing committees disbanded. In addition, it evaluates committees and councils to assure continuing effective and efficient operations.

The committee meets formally four times a year. At the January meeting, CAC members wrap up unfinished business from the previous year and hear council chair goals for the upcoming year. In May, the CAC reviews liaison activities and makes any needed appointments. In September, it reviews the appointments for the upcoming committee cycle, which begins at the next Annual Meeting. And in November, it reviews committee charges and consultant appointments. After each meeting, the committee submits a formal report on the meeting to the AAOS Board of Directors.

Who’s involved?

The CAC has 11 members—six voting members and five nonvoting members. The first vice president, currently Dr. Kyle, always serves as the committee chairman. Other voting members include: the AAOS president, second vice president, first past president, chair of the Board of Councilors and chair of the Board of Specialty Societies (BOS/COMSS).

The committee also includes five nonvoting members: AAOS chief executive officer, each of the three council chairs—Health Policy, Education and Research—and the chair of the newly-formed Communications Cabinet when that appointment is made.

Helping volunteers get involved

Dr. Kyle said his favorite part of the committee’s work is finding volunteer positions for those who want to get involved with the Academy.

“The ongoing participation by fellows in councils and committees will enable the Academy to remain one of the finest medical organizations in the world and a strong volunteer organization that is truly open to all of its members,” he said.

Dr. Kyle stressed that the CAC is dedicated to making sure that everyone who applies for a position on an AAOS committee or council receives equal consideration.

“If applicants are not selected for a position they applied for, we try to get them involved in another position or committee,” he said. “We don’t want our volunteers to become discouraged. We want them to reapply and continue to volunteer with the AAOS.”

Dr. Kyle notes that the Academy is in the enviable position of receiving applications from many well-qualified volunteers eager to serve. The challenge is in selecting the “best-of-the-best,” he says, and in finding ways to involve those who are not selected for a particular position

Put on your volunteer CAP

If you’d like to see firsthand how the Appointment Program (CAP) works, go to www.aaos.org/cap

The CAP Web site includes all committee/council openings. Each listing provides a detailed set of expectations, including the qualifications, time commitment and application deadlines. Interested volunteers provide information relative to the requirements. The chair of the committee/council with the vacancy reviews all the applications and may recommend an applicant. However, the final selection is made by the CAC.

Applicants who are selected are notified electronically by the committee/council chairman. Those who are not accepted are also notified electronically, and receive a thank-you letter from the chairman of the CAC asking them to watch for postings of other positions of interest.

The CAP system also includes a performance-assessment process for committee and council chairmen and members. Chairmen evaluate members on an annual basis and members evaluate chairmen. These evaluations are stored in the database and used as part of the selection criteria for future openings. The evaluation ratings are accessible only by council/committee chairmen seeking volunteers. All evaluations are confidential and there is no identification of a specific evaluator.

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