February 1998 Bulletin


This issue of the Academy’s Bulletin magazine begins a new chapter in the history of the publication that first appeared in July 1953. From the beginning, the mandate of the Bulletin was to "keep the membership informed on the business of the Academy, report the activities of the Central Office and serve as a forum for the expression of the members’ ideas."

The original six-page newsletter evolved into a quarterly magazine of 40 or more pages that informed fellows of the Academy’s expanding educational opportunities, initiatives to meet legislative and regulatory challenges and practice management strategies. Readers learned of the activities of the Board of Directors and Board of Councilors, and major events at the Annual Meeting.

Although the Bulletin is the most well-read Academy publication, the rapidly changing health care delivery system - made even more complex because of geographic variations in the growth of managed care - required an intensive reappraisal of the publication to ensure that it met the needs of

Based on 1 ½ years of study, analysis of survey data and focus group comments on what the fellows said they wanted to know, the Bulletin has been refocused and redesigned.

The Bulletin will have regular columns on legal issues, the use of computers and coding. The Bulletin also will respond to readers’ requests for more information on federal and state legislative and regulatory issues.

The Bulletin will present news and trends of importance to orthopaedic surgeons. You’ll also find information on continuing medical education.

The content has been organized so that you’ll find the columns and other features in the same place in every issue.

Although readers told us that they were hard-pressed to keep up with their required reading, they also said that they wanted to stay abreast of the rapid changes in the health care environment. The frequency of the Bulletin has been increased to bi-monthly. The new publication cycle is February, April, June, August, October and December.

The Bulletin will continue to meet the needs of fellows by being an interactive publication. A monthly questionnaire called "Interactive" will enable you to express your opinion on various topics and learn what other respondents think.

I urge you to submit Letters to the Editor and suggestions for topics of articles and columns. It will keep the Bulletin a useful resource for you and your practice.

S. Terry Canale, MD

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