February 1998 Bulletin


Late breaking news

Letters to the Editor

A new chapter begins for the Bulletin

41 percent of practices recruiting for orthopaedic surgeons

New Health Policy Update is on the use and misuse of Milliman and Robertson guidelines

A U.S. Supreme Court ruling is expected on challenge to Department of Health and Human Services' reaudit of a hospital's graduate medical education costs.

HIMA expects trade surplus with Asia to shrink

HHS launches hotline for needle-sticks

An Annual Meeting instructional course on E/M coding has been added to the schedule

Orthopaedist gets organ, tissue donor program adopted

Orthopaedist molds image of profession on TV

It's back to school time for physician executives

Access, patient protection at top of Congress agenda

Congress to act on privacy law for security of patient data

HCFA may expand fraud

Tort reform ruling may hurt legislation in in other states

Brief reports from across the U.S.

How to narrow your literature search

Malpractice trap can be sneaky

10 new orthopaedic CPT codes

Physicians take the brunt of patient hostility

Data on orthopaedic density, managed care penetration

Why North Carolina is popular state for relocation

OIG's opinion may have sharp teeth

Setting the course for flexibility, advocacy

Get out of the office to bring patients in

Fighting for medicine’s soul

Across the President’s Desk AAOS focus is education, OSA to carry on advocacy

Bulletin Annual Meeting to open with colorful parade

New Institute to support research

Task force to evaluate volunteer orthopaedic service in U.S.

New book on starting a practice

Point of View: Hospitals should share cost of trauma care

Review of hyaluronic acid, glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate therapies for OA pain

Review of 182 closed liability claims

Are skills courses effective?

OLC expansion gives flexibility

Academy takes CME course to Egypt

Academy plans four courses

Live surgery to be telecast at Annual Meeting

Continuing medical education

Deaths of orthopaedic surgeons

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