February 1999 Bulletin

Academy urges women's health research

Testimony in yearbook recommends areas of study of musculoskeletal problems

Academy testimony about advances made in women's health research over the past year is included in the Society for the Advancement of Women's Health Research Yearbook.

The yearbook will be distributed to policy makers, opinion leaders and private industry. It will also serve as the Society's basis for planning educational efforts such as briefings, public relations, and public and professional outreach programs. The society is a private, non-profit organizations established in 1990. It's three strategic priorities are to promote the study and acceptance of gender-based biology in the scientific community, to enhance the recruitment and retention of women in clinical trials and to increase research funding for women's health research.

The testimony was prepared by Laura L. Tosi, MD, and Rebecca R. Schwaab, policy analyst in the Academy's department of research and scientific affairs.

Dr. Tosi said offering testimony of this nature is one way the Academy can aid in the fight for more research funding to be directed to musculoskeletal research. "Every testimony that we give wakes people up in Washington," said Dr. Tosi.

While the testimony highlights advances in treatment and management of arthritis, osteoporosis, sports injuries and upper extremity musculoskeltal problems, it also provides recommendations for research to help medical professionals further understand these four health problems.

The recommendations include:

The Society for the Advancement of Women's Health Research also incorporated some of the Academy's written testimony into an oral presentation at its scientific advisory meeting attended by national medical and scientific experts, representatives of medical specialty societies, policy-makers and journalists in early November.

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