February 1999 Bulletin

FDA warns Y2K problems could hit soon

The Food and Drug Administration has warned that the kind of computer problems expected to produce problems on Jan. 1, 2000 will affect some medical devices a year early.

Manufacturers of two devices-a defibrillator made by Hewlett-Packard and a patient monitor by Invivo Research-have verified that some problems can happen. The problems relate to the ability of the device to display, print or store the correct time and date of the device's operation. These problems may present a potential for confusion and incorrect records.

Date-related device problems should be reported to the manufacturer and FDA's MedWatch, telephone (800) 332-1088 or fax (800) 332-0178.

The Academy has posted "Y2K Alert for Orthopaedic Practices," in the "Member Services" section of the home page www.aaos.org.

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