February 1999 Bulletin

What's new online

Several new features have been added to the Academy's web site. First, the Academy is introducing the "Orthopaedic Bookstore"-a service that allows individuals to search for medical textbooks by subject area.

The "Orthopaedic Bookstore" includes more than 65,000 listings of available textbooks produced by the Academy and other medical publishers. The new area is located in the "Educational Resources Catalog" section of the web site. Individuals can search for textbooks on a particular topic by a key word, publisher or category.

Also new to the web site is a series of case-based articles entitled "Caring for the Aging Patient," located in the "Library" section. The Academy, with the cooperation and support of the American Geriatrics Society, produced the publication which is the second in a series of publications under the title, Archives of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

Contents in the publication cover a wide range of topics of interest to orthopaedists treating aging patients, including osteoporosis, elder abuse, acute and chronic dementia, injuries due to falling, joint pain in the elderly patient, polypharmacy issues, depression and post surgical rehabilitation.

For computer owners, the Academy has placed an important document-"Y2K Alert for Orthopaedic Practices: Defining the Year 2000 Problem"-in the "Library" section. The article details the strategies needed to respond to your responsibilities for your computer system, in your practice and home, in the year 2000.

As a reminder, past issues of the Bulletin are on the Academy's web site in the "Library" section. There is a "Search" selection where users can search for past articles based upon subject area, author or title. This area is best for locating articles when you do not have the issue date that might have been written on a particular topic area.

The Academy's web site is located at www.aaos.org. New features are always offered-it is best to access the "What's New this Week" section to find the latest entries to the web site.

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