January 1996 Bulletin

Coalition wages campaign for patient access

The Washington, D.C.-based Patient Access to Specialty Care Coalition waged an aggressive campaign to ensure that point-of-service was included in a Medicare Preservation Act in the Balanced Budget Act of 1996.

The 100-plus organizations of the coalition urged their members to contact their U.S. Representatives, Senators, and President Clinton to make sure that Medicare beneficiaries who enroll in MedicarePlus will be able to choose their own health care providers. The members were urged to use a toll-free telephone number-(800) 756-1100 to talk to their elected representatives or send a fax to their office. The coalition also advertised on radio and in newspapers, urging the public to call the 800 telephone number.

Between August 15 and November 26, more than 20,700 faxes had been sent to U.S. Representatives and Senators.

The coalition was co-founded by the Academy.

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