January 1996 Bulletin

3,400 call fax-on-demand

Another handy service for fellows who are looking for Academy information is the fax-on-demand system. Fellows can call (800) 999-2939 and have Position Statements, Advisory Statements, Opinions on Ethics, Position and Practice Opportunities, CME information and more sent directly to their fax machine. (The telephone number for calls outside the U.S. and Canada is 708-391-0908. On January 20 the area code will change to 847.)

In the first 11 months of operation, 3,400 callers in the United States and Canada have used the service, requesting more than 5,200 documents.

The most requested documents have been the Index, (document number 0000) 1,139 requests; CD-ROM Computer Recommendations (document 3003), 385; 1996 CME Course Calendar (document 3032), 179; CME Course Calendar (document 3001) 140; Positions Wanted, (document 4003), 117; Reimbursement of the First Assistant at Surgery in Orthopaedics (document 1120), 96; Practice Opportunities, (document 4002), 94; Orthopaedic Medical Testimony, (document 1006), 90; and Review and Update for Practicing Orthopaedic Surgeons, (document 3028), 90.

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