January 1996 Bulletin


Academy president James W. Strickland, MD says "bridge building" with other musculoskeletal care providers has started.

Secretary's Notes presents highlights of Board of Directors meeting Dec. 8-9, 1996

New Strategic Plan for 1996-1997 adopted by the Board of Directors Dec. 8, 1995.

Academy president James W. Strickland, MD, tells how the Academy implemented the 1994-1995 Strategic Plan.

Changes in the Academy's Code of Ethics for Orthopaedic Surgeons includes the ethical responsibility of the physician to a patient in a managed care setting.

Resolutions and Bylaws amendments to considered at 1996 Annual Meeting

Academy and others named in more than 20 lawsuits involving the use of pedicle screws.

Annual Meeting symposium and Instructional Course Lecture to focus on aging issues.

Point of View. Musculoskeletal symptoms in the workplace by Dean S. Louis, MD

Point of View. Musculoskeletal symptoms in the workplace by Lewis B. Millender, MD

Symposium on research on Paget's disease to be held March 9.

Clarification of statement in October 1995 Bulletin.

Point of View. Should contralateral hip be pinned in SCFE?

Name winners of Kappa Delta Awards and new OREF Clinical Research Award.

The cost of total hip replacement must be a secondary concern to the overall patient benefit.

Analysis of data from insurance closed claims for nine commonly performed orthopaedic surgical procedures.

New Position Statement: Performance and interpretation of in-office radiographic studies by orthopaedic surgeons.

Revised Position Statement: Containing the cost of orthopaedic implants.

L.E. Rosenthal, PhD, named Academy's Deputy Executive Vice President.

Academy to get new area code - 847

The educational program at the 1996 Annual Meeting will cover a broad area, from research to health policy trends.

The Annual Meeting will include 161 Instructional Course Lectures and Lecture Demonstration Courses.

Medical Education Network issues clarification on recent report on "Prevention of DVT and PE Following Joint Replacement Surgery: The 1995 ACCP Guideline."

In the first five months of operation, almost 12,000 have accessed the Academy's home page on the Internet.

The Academy's fax-on-demand service was used by 3,400 callers in the first 11 months of operations.

Patient Access to Specialty Care Coalition wages aggressive campaign in Washington, D.C.

Patient access coalitions are active in many states.

Michael H. Graham, MD, tells PPRC need for point-of-service.

Soldiers at Fort Sam Houston, Texas show their EMT training books, the sixth edition of Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured. The Academy has a five-year contract to supply the Army with the training book.

FDA hears uses of autologous cells products.

Orthopaedics Overseas seeks volunteers for 12 programs.

In Memoriam lists deceased fellows.

Supplier ends sale of UHMWPE for medical devices; only one remains.

Academy work group report urges "summit" of musculoskeletal care providers.

David Mauerhan, MD, challenges fellows to face the need for change.

Academy launches "Winning at Risk" program to help orthopaedic surgeons succeed in an evolving health care delivery environment.

Melvin H. Nutig, MD, says telemedicine may be the key to the future.

Mayo Clinic establishes permanent telemedicine link with hospitals in Jordan.

Orthopaedic Learning Center beams its first surgical skills course via satellite to 20 hospitals.

Academy Committee on Educational Programming is planning more interactive format for CME courses.

Academy conducts fifth annual science writers seminar in New York City.

Fellow tells need for organ donors.

Academy brochures can help fellows market their practice.

Academy focus group sessions find patients want more discussion with the orthopaedic surgeon and more printed material.

Is there a flat tax on the horizon?

A series of workshops on reimbursement and coding will be held across the country this year.

Consultant tells how to get the New Year off to a good start.

Academy develops its first interactive CD-ROM - The Athlete's Knee.

Academy finalizes its CME schedule for 1996

Upcoming Academy CME courses are listed.

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