January 1996 Bulletin

Names winners of Kappa Delta, OREF awards

The Academy's Board of Directors, in conjunction with the Council on Research and Scientific Affairs, and Committee on Research, has named the winners of the Kappa Delta Awards and the new OREF Clinical Research Award to be presented at the Annual Meeting in Atlanta.

Jon J. P. Warner, MD; Richard E. Debski, BS; and Freddie H. Fu, MD; submitted the winning paper for the Young Investigator Award, "A Dynamic Model for Motion and Stability of the Glenohumeral Joint." The Elizabeth Winston Lanier Award will be awarded to Kathryn G. Vogel, PhD; Stephen P. Evanko, PhD; and James R. Robbins, PhD; for their work entitled "What Proteoglycan Content Says about the Mechanical History of Tendon."

The winners of the Ann Doner Vaughn Award are Malcolm H. Pope, PhD, Dr.Med.Sc.; Marianne Magnusson, PT, Dr.Med.Sc.; and David G. Wilder, PhD; for their paper "Low Back Pain and Whole Body Vibration."

The OREF Clinical Research Award will be awarded to Dale M. Daniel, MD; Donald C. Fithian, MD; Mary Lou Stone, RPT; Barbara E. Dobson, LVN; William F. Luetzow, MD; and Kenton R. Kaufman, PhD; for their work entitled "A Ten-Year Prospective Outcome Study of the ACL-Injured Patient."

The Academy received 19 submissions for the three Kappa Delta Awards and nine submissions for the new OREF Clinical Research Award. The Kappa Delta and OREF award presentations and summary of papers will be held at 1 p.m. Thursday, February 22 at the Georgia World Congress Center Ballroom.

The papers will be presented in their entirety at the Orthopaedic Research Society meeting at 10:30 a.m. on February 22 in the Hyatt Regency Atlanta hotel.

Since 1921, Kappa Delta's major philanthropic interest has been aid to children affected by crippling disease and birth defects. Kappa Delta has been working with the Academy since 1947.

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