January 1996 Bulletin

OLC course beamed to 20 hospitals

First Academy skills demonstration sent by satellite

The Academy's spinal surgery skills course last November attracted a full capacity audience to the Orthopaedic Learning Center-and then some.

The "and then some" are the orthopaedic surgeons, residents, and other hospital personnel in 20 hospitals from Rochester, N.Y. to Yakima, Wash. who saw the lectures and demonstrations on posterior spine surgery via satellite transmission. The 2 1/2 hour satellite broadcast was part of a day-long surgical skills course, "Contemporary Issues in Advanced Spinal Surgery."

The 96 orthopaedic surgeons in the learning center and others around the country saw Frank J. Eismont, MD, and Paul A. Anderson, MD, lecture on "Upper Cervical Spine Fusion," and "Lower Cervical Fusion/Instrumentation." The lectures were followed by the live demonstration on "Posterior Cervical Fusion/Instrumentation" by Dr. Anderson and Steven R. Garfin, MD.

The lectures resumed with presentations on "Cervical Decompression-Posterior" by Harry N. Herkowitz, MD, and "Cervical Laminoforaminotomy-Posterior" by Rick B. Delamarter, MD. The second live surgical demonstration was on cervical laminaplasty by Dr. Herkowitz and Dr. Eismont.

A toll-free telephone line allowed audiences in distant hospitals to ask questions of the surgeons in the Orthopaedic Learning Center.

Edward N. Hanley Jr., MD, course chairman, said, "the faculty and I are very enthusiastic about the technology and the use of the Orthopaedic Learning Center to provide outreach education to people who don't have the time to attend an OLC course."

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