January 1996 Bulletin

Academy to launch "Winning at Risk"

Phase three of an Academy program to help orthopaedic surgeons succeed in an evolving health care delivery environment will be launched this year.

"Winning at Risk: The Interplay of Cost, Quality, and Access" is being developed to enable orthopaedic surgeons to understand the realities of managed care and how to act proactively and effectively in an evolving health care environment," said Marilyn Weisberg, senior policy analyst, department of health policy. Phase three will feature:

"The new program reflects the evolution of the changing health care delivery system and its affect on orthopaedic surgeons," said Weisberg. "It offers more sophistication and analysis of information than previous programs. That's a reflection of the increasing impact of managed care on orthopaedic surgeons.

"This year's program will tell orthopaedic surgeons how to re-engineer their practices so they can deliver more cost-effective care, demonstrate value, and score high in patient satisfaction."

In 1994, the Academy developed a series of seminars and book, "Health Care Reform and Managed Care," and in 1995, a seminar series, "Taking Charge: Managed Care Contracting for Orthopaedic Surgeons."

This year's "Winning at Risk" seminars will start with a "reality check" of current trends and the risk environment in the marketplace. Participants will analyze risk arrangements for orthopaedic surgeons, and learn how orthopaedic surgeons can take control of risk in their community.

Orthopaedic surgeons will learn the important concepts in quality management and quality measures. They also will learn how to apply risk theory and quality management principles in their own practice to gain greater internal practice control.

The program will focus on how to use the tools of quality management and how to design a contract and practice management strategy. "Winning at Risk" will feature true orthopaedic case scenarios and interactive discussions with representatives of managed care organizations.

The Academy faculty for the "Winning at Risk" course is Bernard A. Rineberg, MD; Robert W. Westergan, MD; Thomas Grogan, MD; Richard E. Strain Jr., MD; and Linda Eldridge, executive director, Ameritech Programs, Community Care Network (CCN), a national preferred provider organization.

The tentative dates and locations for "Winning at Risk" are: March 9-10, Phoenix; March 23-24, Tampa, Fla.; April 13-14, Philadelphia; May 4-5, Chicago; June 14-15, Los Angeles; Sept. 28-29, Arlington, Va.; Oct. 19-20, Dallas; Nov. 9-10, San Francisco; and Dec. 7-8, Atlanta.

Registration fees are $475 for Academy members; $475 for practice administrators and managers of Academy members; $575 for nonmember orthopaedists and their managers and administrators; and $625 for all other nonmembers. To register, contact the Academy's customer service department, (800) 626-6726.

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