January 1997 Bulletin

New Academy program informs public about managed care

The Academy has launched a new national public information program on how to select a health care plan, featuring two new brochures

"Choose the Health Plan
that Lets You Choose"

"Don't Wait Until It's Too Late,
Ask Questions Now."

"Choose the Health Plan that Lets You Choose" explains that today's managed care era is forcing people to make decisions they may not have faced before. Not only do they have to select a managed care plan, but they may be asked to choose among several plans, none of which are alike.

"Put care before cost when selecting a health insurance plan," said Kenneth E. DeHaven, MD, Academy president, when he introduced the program in October at Orthopaedics '96, the Academy's sixth annual science writers seminar. "Don't select a health plan simply because it is the least expensive. Think about your health insurance as you would other products you buy. You get what you pay for."

The brochure explains how managed care health plans work and suggests questions to ask about access to care issues such as whether the individual will be able to see an orthopaedic surgeon of his or her choice. Individuals also are urged to think about the care they may need in the future.

"Don't Wait Until It's Too Late, Ask Questions Now" presents a series of hypothetical incidents and associated problems which individuals may encounter in the future. The brochure suggests questions to ask now to avoid problems later.

Developed by the Committee on Health Care Delivery and the Committee on Public Education, the brochures are being promoted to the public through the practices of Academy fellows and the media. The brochures are available through the customer service department, (800) 626-6726.

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