January 1997 Bulletin

Public told 'Keep Moving for Life'

Despite television scenes showing glistening young hard bodies working out in gymnasiums and hordes of people running marathons, Americans don't exercise enough. That's especially true of older Americans who tend to exercise less as the years go by.

Last summer, a report of the U.S. Surgeon General pointed out that 25 percent of American adults don't engage in any physical activity in their leisure time and 60 percent don't engage in vigorous activity.

Some people may not exercise because they don't like vigorous activity, don't have the time or are worried that it will aggravate a medical condition.

"Keep Moving for Life," the Academy's new national prevention of injuries program, overcomes all those barriers to staying fit. The program is aimed at people age 55 and older, even those with chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, total joint replacement or low back pain.

Developed by the Committee on Public Education, the program features a brochure and poster. The Academy also has developed fact sheets which fellows can use in preparing presentations for community organizations.

To obtain the "Keep Moving for Life" brochure, contact the customer service department, (800) 626-6726.

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